The imaginaire referral scheme

Get paid for introducing new customers to us and for doing your contacts a favour by introducing them to nottingham's best digital agency

How does it work

We’ve made our referral scheme super easy. There’s no sign up needed, you don’t need to do any selling on our behalf, simply fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the rest.

You get paid if we make a sale (at a rate of 5% of the order value).

It isn’t just you that benefits though, your contact will also benefit from working with Nottingham’s leading agency. We have a track record of success, whether that’s delivering high quality, market leading websites, or in delivering growth through our marketing services.

We’ve been established for over 6 years and have grown quickly to earn a great reputation, so your contacts are in safe hands. We operate with a laid back sales approach, your contacts will never be hounded to place an order with us. We believe in providing good ideas at the quote stage and our clients tend to choose us because of that, not because we’ve aggressively closed them.

About You

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