market to your exact target audience using social media ppc!

whether it’s facebook, twitter or instagram, we can help.

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target your audience directly on their social media

You may have seen when scrolling through your various social media feeds posts, videos and images from people who you have no connection with on social media. This is as a result of PPC advertisements placed on your feed directly targeted at you. These ads can be used by businesses (predominantly B2C) to target their exact audience and maximise results.

All of the ‘Big 3’ social media sites run PPC ads, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and many companies will make use of all three of these to ensure they are reaching their audience.

our social media ppc approach

As you know, your investment in PPC ads on social media needs to deliver the best possible return on investment. We can do that, but we don’t just stop when we have reached an agreeable figure, we will constantly work to increase your ROI and increase volume.

We will help you link your website to your social media accounts to ensure that the maximum number of people possible are clicking on your ad, and more importantly, buying from your website! Getting clicks is great, but we also focus on converting those visits to customers.

We Focus On Your Profits and Results

Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your profit margins, stock levels and everything that makes your ecommerce business tick. This allows our team to intelligently apply budget and focus on delivering the best possible return on your investment.