What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is quite simply the process of helping your website to appear higher up in the search engines to deliver more visitors to your website.

Google and the other search engines display links to websites in the order that they feel will be most helpful to that user for the phrase that they’ve typed in.

Google has the majority share of the search engine market and so we’ll discuss how they work, but most of the search engines work in a very similar way.

Google uses a complex algorithm to determine who will appear where for a given phrase that is typed into their search engine. They essentially judge this by how relevant the content of the website is to that phrase and how much authority the website has.

Google judges the authority of a website by looking at the quality of the websites that are linking to it and how relevant your website is to a topic.

So, SEO is about ensuring that your website is relevant to search phrases (known as keywords) that your potential customers are typing in. The second part of an SEO campaign is to build the authority of your website by creating good quality content that other websites want to link to.

By working on these aspects of your website each month, we can improve your positioning for target search phrases.

At the beginning of a campaign, we will research what your potential customers are typing into Google and we'll be able to develop a strategy to help you get to the top for those phrases. We will also look into the areas you'd like to target with your campaign (we carry out campaigns on both a local and national basis).