How to use the drip model to convert users into customers

Like with any goal you are looking to achieve, a consistent approach is much more likely to get you there versus a one-time effort. So, when it comes to marketing your business, that sense of consistency can be achieved through implementing what’s known as the drip model, which is sometimes referred to as drip marketing. In essence, the drip model is all about promoting your business through a series of orchestrated steps. Each of these steps, such as an email series, will help gauge interest, and reinforce what you can offer to your customers.

The overall aim is to maintain a brand awareness, which for any business is key. Otherwise, you could end up losing out to your competitors. But knowing what you want to say and how to do so can be tricky, especially if you aren’t au fait with all things marketing. That’s why understanding drip marketing - a series of automated emails sent out to your customers - is key. Ready to find out more? Here’s an overview of how to use the drip model to convert users into customers.

What is drip marketing?

drip model

The drip marketing concept was first developed by Chris Fill, author of several marketing-related books, including the famous ‘Marketing Communications’ series. The drip model has been adopted by marketing companies around the world and for good reason. For example, drip email open rates are 80% higher than single-send emails. Given email marketing is one of the best ways to convert customers, high open rates are essential. That’s why drip campaigns work; because they are pre-planned and targeted to the user.

While the term ‘drip’ refers to a progressive stream of information sent to your customers, it’s also an anagram detailing each step marketers must take to create the campaign. Let’s break this down in further detail...


drip market differenciate

Going back to your company USP, what is it you do that’s different to everyone else? Or for product launches, how will it be of benefit to your customers? Differentiating is all about starting with that key information that will hook those who receive the emails. It could be a series of points that are spread out through each piece of correspondence. The aim is for each email to be persuasive by honing in on what makes it or you so great. Why should they shop with you versus your competitor?


how to get brand message across

Remember what we said at the start about how a consistent effort is better than a one-time one? The second stage of the drip model is all about reinforcing that initial message. Perhaps your service is faster, cheaper or more reliant. While reinforcing, it’s not necessarily about repeating the same message, rather reminding customers about why they should shop with you. Create a list of perks about what you are selling, and draw on different ones throughout each email. Build a more complex picture of why customers should shop with you, versus one selling point.


drip model inform customers

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is - if nobody knows about you, it simply won’t sell. Use your drip campaigns to introduce your brand. If it’s relevant, then even your staff members too. For example, say you’re a restaurant who has just hired a specialist pastry chef. You know your customers already like your desserts, so announcing the new talent in the business will encourage them to visit. Whatsmore, doing so also builds a brand story. The more your customers get to know your brand, the more likely they are to become regulars. So get talking!


drip model inform customers

You know what you want to say. The trick is how you do so. Being pushy might work in some instances, but for the most part not when it comes to the drip model. After all, the last thing you want is for people to unsubscribe from your mailing list. The frequency of emails can play a part here too, as too many in a short space of time just screams spam. So how do you persuade customers? Getting the tone right is the first step. Beyond that, giving users actions to follow up on with perks for doing can be highly effective.

To sum up

The drip model is all about a consistent and positive reinforcement of the benefits you can offer to your customers, through the emails that you send them. By adopting your customers' mindset, you can identify any pain points that your product or service can help them overcome. By communicating what it is that you do well, and by doing so regularly, your brand will stay at the forefront of your customers' minds. When that happens, they are much more likely to convert versus if they’ve never heard of you before.

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