3 Strategic Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Building a great brand isn’t easy. Especially in this day and age when the competition is so fierce. Digital marketing has opened up countless ways to engage with potential customers and grow brand visibility but it's crucial that you stay up-to-date with the field if you want to stand out.

You may post consistently on social media and upload blogs daily but without a clear strategy, it isn’t enough. There are far more components involved now and if you want to build a brand that stands head and shoulders above the competition, you have to really connect with your audience. It’s all about getting to know them, understanding what makes them tick and forming a bond which makes your business the go to choice. To help, here’s 3 key digital marketing tips to help boost your brand visibility.

1. Be relevant

If you can nail this, you’re onto a winner. Creating a constant relevance around your product or service can set you apart and position your brand as a key player in the market.

You don’t have to just focus on a specific event, it’s all about adapting and moving with the times. Staying relevant means that you provide your audience with a product or service that is continuously moving forward. You create a brand that has a consistent position in the marketplace and becomes a go to for consumers.

There’s a few stand out brands that do this brilliantly. Take Uber for example. They revolutionised the way we book taxis, taking cash out of the equation and making things simple and convenient. What’s great is that they didn’t just stand still with their branding. The brand constantly introduces new features like driver profiles, fare split, music syncing and allowing others to follow journeys in real time. By constantly adapting their service, Uber have created a relentlessly relevant brand.

3 Strategic Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Here’s a few pointers on how to stay relevant:

2. Focus on attention

Without relevant, engaging and interesting content, your posts could very easily get lost amongst the ever growing competition. Now that so many brands are fighting for the eyes of their consumers, getting the right attention has become increasingly difficult.

3 Strategic Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Churning out blogs now and then for the sake of it just won’t cut it. You have to be thoughtful and really focus on what’s going to get noticed.

To do this well, firstly think about value. Why would a potential customer want to click through to your blog? The title and description must be compelling and really speak to them. Be clear on the problems you will solve or the ways in which they will benefit from this piece of content.

Here’s a few other key tips when posting on social media:

Once you post on social media, it’s also crucial that you engage. Show that you listen to users and actively interact with them. This will demonstrate that you don’t just communicate in a one way manner. Your audience will therefore be far more likely to interact with you.

This is where your content marketing strategy is extremely important! If you're looking for tips to grow your brand using content marketing, check out this blog post here.

3. Don’t neglect invisible ROI

This is hard to measure (with being invisible and all) but it’s crucial for brand success. Unlike traditional ROI which can be measured by tracking leads and conversions, invisible ROI is all about building brand awareness.

We’re talking the opposite of quick numbers and sales goals - it’s all about the long term results. It can therefore be difficult to focus on, especially when you don’t see overnight success. Plenty of businesses neglect social media, for example, because of how difficult ROI can be to measure. However, brands that recognise the value of this key metric and devote adequate time to it reap the rewards.

3 Strategic Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Visibility

When it comes to measuring ROI on social media, it doesn’t just come down to numbers. There’s plenty of elements from engagement levels to followers and comments. Focus on building a genuine connection with your audience and form a bond through sharing relevant content that they can connect with.

Insead of driving a constant sales message - it’s important to share real, tangible value. Yes, you may not see direct sales leads come from this but it’s going to build your brand awareness and forms a key component of your visibility.

It’s also important to focus on building key relationships to help build your brand. Think about online influencers and other brands that could help to amplify your message. Don’t just go in pitching, take time to build trust and focus on ways the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Yes, you’re not going to see instant benefits in the form of sales, but this type of networking will help to boost your brand in the long run.


Building brand awareness takes far more strategy than it once did. Times have changed and the way we interact with consumers has too. Back in the 1950s, Coca-Cola would pay insurmountable amounts of money to feature on billboards and prime time TV ads. In doing so, they formed an omnipresent brand which was, and still is, recognised globally.

Nowadays, the good news is that brands can do this on a far smaller budget. Social media has created a platform for startups to amplify their message and reach millions of people daily. However, the bad news is that there is far more competition. It’s therefore key to ensure your approach is strategic and customer centric. Instead of bombarding your audience with ads, think about forming an honest bond. Focus on helping them, showing that you care and your brand visibility will begin to soar.