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we’re imaginaire, a b2b seo agency in nottingham that helps you climb the search ladder.

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A b2b seo agency in nottingham, offering a no-nonsense service. We help you to stand out online and to create something special.

B2B SEO has many similarities with traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The main premise is that SEO is a variety of techniques that are designed to help your content assert authority in locations such as search engines. The more authority your content has, the more leads this is likely to generate as a result. The difference with B2B SEO is the target for your content is professionals rather than regular consumers.

Regardless of what industry your business is in and the clients you are looking to attract, your B2B SEO needs to be relevant to generate leads. Our B2B SEO service will refine your content so that it is targeted to the search terms your clients are using.

We know that when it comes to B2B SEO, results matter. That’s why we’ll show you exactly where your website ranks, how many visitors it’s getting and crucially – how many of these leads have converted into enquiries and actual sales for your business.

Whatsmore, we’ll also provide you with a dashboard that will keep you up to speed with the performance of your campaigns.

We’re a digital marketing agency based in Nottingham. We help B2B customers all over the East Midlands to build a sustainable search strategy to deliver new business and we’re ready to help you too.

we’ll get to know your goals

First things first, we need to know you, your business and your goals. Whether that’s rapid expansion into new areas or just to fly through the rankings, we’re here to help you.

Knowing the business means we’ll know how we can help you. We can then start your B2B SEO and hit the ground running.

implement our formula

Once we have an idea of how we can help you we’ll get started, putting our adapted formula into place and developing your website to become as SEO friendly as possible.

Our efforts will target the best avenues to help you build your brand and become a successful business, small or large.

develop your profile

So, during our work, we’ll be developing your profile in a number of different ways. All of our efforts will be in aid of attracting users to your website to convert into a good lead.

This style of B2B lead generation is something that we specialise in…

see real results

We understand that you want to see results that actually matter you to; there is no use being number 1 for a search term that doesn’t matter to your brand.

That is why we do the research and get to know you. We target things that will actually have an impact on your business.

Imaginaire have been great for our business. They constantly come up with new ideas for our digital strategy and we’ve seen the number of leads we generate increase year over year, we wouldn’t consider any other agencies which is testament to a consistent level of service we’ve received over the course of 5+ years.

Roy Thompson, Advanced Commercial Interiors


no empty promises here. here is some proof that our b2b seo service works.

Take a look at a select few of our B2B SEO case studies that show the results we’ve generated for our clients.

Let’s cut to the chase, why choose us as your B2B SEO agency?

When it comes to B2B SEO in Nottingham (or beyond) your strategy must sell your business to your clients. After all, you are looking to strengthen client relationships and spread the word about what you do to other companies, so why would you leave any of that to chance?

B2B SEO is a real opportunity to connect with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and any other clients that apply to your business.

As a B2B SEO agency, we’ll work with your budget and requirements to deliver the best strategies to connect your business with the right people. If you need a new website that targets B2B we’re here to help too, have a no-pressure chat and see what you think.